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Customized Service

Besides  Wholesale and Exclusive Distributor service, LOVETOY offers Customized Services includes:
1. Buy in bulk
2. Customized products
3. Customized packaging
All customized services come with MOQ except Buy in bulk.


For all customized products & packaging, LOVETOY offers a 1-year storage service for free.
For clients who need storage service for more than 1 year, please contact LOVETOY sales rep before the expiry date.


1. Longer delivery time. Prepare sample takes 1 week, mass production takes a longer time than usual.
2. Higher MOQ. Normally 1,000 PCS. Lower MOQ comes with a higher unit price.


Clients can build their own brand by designing their own brand package

How does it work?

1. Clients submit requirements to LOVETOY sales rep.
2. LOVETOY sales rep sends quotation with price, MOQ, delivery time, sample cost, etc.
3. Clients decide whether to continue this project.
4. Prepare design file.
    a. Small changes like remove the hook or replace LOGO would be handled by LOVETOY directly.
    b. others would be handled by the client.
        The sales rep will send the die-cut of lovetoy package to clients if clients need the same size package as LOVETOY .
5. LOVETOY prepare sample according to the design file. Takes about 1 week.
6. LOVETOY sends the sample to clients for confirmation. Normally by email, sometimes by air.
7. If clients need further change, submit a new requirement and back to step 4.
8. LOVETOY will arrange mass production after final confirmation.


Client Tom plans to sell LV4001 with his own brand. Tom wants to start from 200 PCS.
1. Tom pays for Customized packaging 1,000 PCS.
2. Tom pays for 200 PCS dildos without packaging --
Buy in bulk.
3. LOVETOY packs 200 PCS dildo and Tom's package together.
4. The remaining packaging (800 PCS) stays in LOVETOY's warehouse for future orders.