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Brand Story
LOVETOY -- Just fun for adults
“Sex is not a sin, we have every right to enjoy it. And sex toys should not be stigmatized. It’s just another consumer product. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.”
--says Vera Lau. Owner of LOVETOY®

When I step foot in the sex industry in 2008. Most manufacturers simply produce what they want. And most brand owner(so call) just sell what they get. Customer play no role in their games. I thought it’s time to change.

So I built LOVETOY® to listen what customers say, to get advice from real users. We started from very basic toys then expand according to customer feedback. Today LOVETOY® distributors and wholesales spread all over the world. It blooms faster and wilder than we ever expected.

We bring products with creative material and good quality, but material and quality are very basic part. What we value the most is customer experience. Customers’ feeling matter!

“Stronger vibration!”
“Tighten tunnel!”
“Hit the right spot!”

They said.

When valuable suggestion comes in. We take it seriously and try our best to fulfill. This is how we strengthening ourselves. Instead of producing what we can, we give our customer what they desire. This led us to the current success and we believe it will bring new achievement in the future.

Fun for adults, to be continue...
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  • Bondage Fetish Series
  • Bullet & Egg
  • Penis Pump
  • Penis Ring